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The importance of

Basilea III


The importance of

Forensic Accounting


Importance of quality accounting

and financial advice


Desconfíen siempre del Gobierno



Advisory in prevention

of money laundering


Services > Services for Law Firms

Expert Opinions and Reports

We provide on-spot and on-goin advice to law firms. We work on projects to write reports and give our expert opinion to meet the challenges of the business of the big law firms, small firms, corporate counsels and public sector lawyers..

  • We provide integral solutions in any of the areas of the services we address.

  • All possible advisory services and the different projects we provide are supported by technical rigour, its application to the real world of each Entity and our commitment to quality.

  • We are registered in SEPBLAC (the Money Laundering Prevention Service of Banco de España) as experts on Money Laundering and our professionals are also registered in the Official Registry of Accounting Auditors as well as Spanish Register of Forensic Economists. We also belong to the Institute of Certified Forensic Accountants.


  • ComplianceOpen or Close
    • Accounting and Banking regulation
    • Stock Market regulation
    • Insurance companies regulation
    • Good corporate governance (Sarbanes Oxley Act)
    • Prevention of money-laundering
    • Capital requirements (Basel & Solvency)
  • Corporate FinanceOpen or Close
    • Forensic accounting
    • Debt reestructuring
    • Financial Instruments valuation
    • Actual loss (damnum emergens) and loss of profits (lucrum cessans) valuation
    • Determination of the solvency date
    • Due Diligence
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Judicial administrators
    • Official receivers

If you are interested in developing a training
course for your organization in one of our
areas of expertise, please contact us at: